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Spectrum is one of the largest and strongest buyers of coins and currency in the world. (We have more full-time buyers than most dealers have employees!) That's why so many dealers, collectors, investors, heirs, attorneys, and estate administrators depend on Spectrum when selling all kinds of coins and currency. They trust Spectrum to deliver the highest possible price, accompanied by fast, courteous service.

We buy thousands of coins and notes every week – items with values from under $5 to over $1 million. Spectrum buys individual coins and notes, partial and complete collections, accumulations, hoards, rarities, Territorials, Colonials, Large and Small Notes, National Currency, even errors!

And unlike so many of our "competitors," who are only interested in your most valuable coins and/or notes, Spectrum buys it all, and pays top dollar!

Meet Dale Larsen, Spectrum's Senior Buyer. Dale brings decades of experience as a collector and buyer to his job. Thousands of coin and currency owners have discovered how easy, enjoyable, and profitable it is to sell their coins and/or currency to Dale. When you're ready to sell, and you want a BIG check from a 100% reliable source, call Dale Larsen Toll-Free at 888-828-2646.

Meet Dale Larsen

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Dale Larsen, Spectrum's Senior Buyer, has helped thousands of coin and currency owners get top market prices for their collectibles. Whether you want to sell a single coin or note, or a lifetime accumulation, there are four main ways to deliver your coins and currency to Dale:

#1. Deliver Them by Mail. There is no safer way to deliver valuable coins or currency to Dale than Registered, Insured mail. (Did you know the Hope Diamond was delivered to the Smithsonian this way?) Using the United States Postal Service's Registered, Insured Mail option is preferred by the vast majority of men and women who sell to Spectrum. It's convenient and 100% safe. Call Dale toll-free today (888-828-2646) to learn how the USPS will safely and quickly deliver your valuables to Spectrum.

#2. Deliver Them to Our Offices in Person. What could be easier and faster than driving your valuables to our Irvine, California, offices and driving away a short time later with Spectrum's market-topping check? All we ask is that you arrange for an appointment with Dale, so he can give your coins and currency the attention they deserve. And provide the security you deserve.

#3. Deliver Them at a Show or Convention. Today's sellers often prefer to meet and discuss their collectibles with Dale at a secure coin show near their home. That's why Dale travels to dozens of the larger local, regional, and national coin shows and conventions every year. Dale recommends a toll-free phone call well before the convention to be sure he can schedule sufficient time to meet you, review your coins and currency, and make a top-dollar offer.

#4. Dale Visits You. No part of Dale's week is more enjoyable than a visit to a seller's home, office, or bank. He flies and drives thousands of miles every month to personally meet collectors, investors, dealers, attorneys, and heirs. More than 95% of these meetings conclude with Dale writing a sizeable check, then taking possession of the coins and/or currency. Naturally, meetings like this can only take place by appointment due to the security arrangements that must be made.

Whether you deliver your coins or banknotes to Dale by U.S. mail or in person, you'll be conducting business with today's market leader: Spectrum, the company known for fast, convenient, personal attention to you, and to your coins and notes.

Join the tens of thousands of sellers of coins and currency who have done business with Spectrum. Call, fax, or email Dale Larsen at Spectrum today to begin the process that will produce the highest possible prices for your numismatic valuables. Remember, Spectrum buys it all, and we pay more for your valuable coins and notes.